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Thus we kicked off one of our June weekends with a morning trip to Rocky's Cafe, nestled in the redwoods near the main intersection in downtown Felton. Passing by in my car, I've often been intrigued by the white wooden building that only serves breakfast and lunch and decided it was time to try it out.

Perhaps it's that summer is in the air, with the school year coming to a close, but my strongest impression upon walking into Rocky's was that I was entering the lodge of a summer camp. With painted white clapboard on the building's outside, stairs lead up to an open patio with a handful of tables for dining "en plein air".  Inside, floor-to-ceiling wood panelling gives a homey feel while servers bustle about armed with coffee pots and plates of eggs and pancakes.

We were pleased to see most of the tables occupied - always a good sign - but even more pleased to be seated at a corner table next to giant windows that flooded the dining room with light. To say the place was hopping would be an understatement. We had at least three servers approach us to take our order before we'd even glanced at our menus. Getting four full sets of utensils and napkins took most of the meal which wasn't a huge issue, but is testament to the fact that wait staff was running to keep up with the customers' needs.


Rocky's one-page, double-sided menu is simple with breakfast variations of eggs, pancakes and french toast on one side and a modest selection of burgers, sandwiches and two salads on the other. Of particular interest were the daily specials printed on chalkboards around the restaurant. The day we were there options ranged from a Greek omelet to a tofu scramble to pancakes with a choice of bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, or strawberries. While they don't serve lattes or espresso, they do have a nice organic French roast coffee ($2.50). I won't mention how many cups of this I downed.
Since breakfast out is a novelty for our family we let the kids go wild with an order of the chocolate chip pancakes ($5.95 for a short stack) and two large chocolate milks ($2.50 ea.) Their eyes popped when the chocolate milks arrived - tall mugs with an inch of gooey chocolate syrup at the bottom. We were almost relieved when our server then told us the kitchen was out of chocolate chips and we had to substitute blueberries in the kids' pancakes.
Breakfast arrived hot and generously apportioned. The fact that Rocky's Cafe keeps its menu simple allows it to focus on doing a few things well and the strategy seems to work. I ordered the strawberry pancake special ($6.95 for a full stack). The pancakes were large and fluffy with a nice, crispy lacing around the sides. Fresh strawberries were piled on top (although I wouldn't have minded a few in the batter too). Nothing fancy, just a plate of perfectly-cooked pancakes and fruit.
Andrew ordered the Spanish Omelet ($7.65) - a three-egg omelet stuffed with green chiles, onions, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Again, just a simple omelet, but hot, savory and very filling. The home fries served on the side were crispy and quite tasty. The sourdough toast was - well, it was your basic toast.
The kids' blueberry pancakes had the berries in the batter and plenty of them. The short stack offered two large pancakes and even though they split it, neither one could finish. The pancakes again were light and fluffy and offered plenty to spare.
One feature of the restaurant warrants mention because of its novelty. Along the wall toward the restroom, there is a sign which reads "Dog Wall". Below this are numerous framed photos of various dogs - several of "Rocky", the restaurant's namesake, and then more from customers eager to display their beloved canines. Servers encourage patrons wishing to add their dog's photo to the collection to go right ahead and do so.
Customers continued to pour into the cafe well into the late morning and the small parking lot was full when we left. It would seem that many others agree that there aren't many better ways to kick off a weekend than with a plate of no-frills breakfast in a casual, homey atmosphere.